I am procrastinating

I should be studying for anatomy. But a thought drifted into my mind about the nothing-state of this blog. So I’m writing!

I’ve moved out since last year, different house now, completely different atmosphere. It’s not very family-like, it’s more like living in an apartment block with the same kitchen and bathroom. But it’s okay.

Second year is definitely tougher than first year, but much more interesting, I’m loving it, and thank goodness I’m passing!

Mitch and I broke up, still friends though. We just had different views on things and it started to irk me so I thought it better to break up sooner than later, right?

I’ve been cooking different things. Got a new stick blender from Myers (Thank you EOFYS). There is this wonderful soup recipe you should try! Simple and easy, but oh so tasty! I’ve never had a cheese soup before, but this is fantastic!


Oh and the bread! Make the bread!

I should get back to my anatomy now.. yay for perineums! Not really.. it’s the nastiest part.




Long time no blog post.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. 

It’s 7 weeks into Semester2 now, and I’m loving it!

Semester1 was all about the science basics of human anatomy and physiology, basic health care, and an outline of medical radiation science. But this semester we got into the nitty gritty of all that is diagnostic radiography!!!

I’ve been taking several x-rays every week in my two-hour-compulsory-if-you-are-late-or-do-not-attend-you-fail-the-course lab. And it’s so fun! I know how to x-ray the entire upper limb and chest, we’re on to the lower limb now, and then I virtually know how to do the basic x-rays! In first year. 

Apparently it’s quite cool (according to my mum) to be such relevant and hands-on subjects in first year. Lots of degrees flail about in first year, and then you really get into it in second year. 


Outside of uni, I’m loving the living-away-from-home life. It’s a bit harder to meet up with all the girls from semester 1, because we take slightly different courses under the same general name of MRS. (Some people are doing nuclear medicine, and some of us are in radiography) Our timetables have been clashing all semester, so there is literally not one day when we all have the same time off to meet up. Which is slightly irritating. But we make do with partial meet ups. 

Housemate wise, I feel like my house isn’t as close as we used to be. The first weekend that we all came back from the holidays, we went out together, drank, and had a good time. But as the semester progressed, the house sort of split in half, with Lizzy, Mitch and myself forming one half, and Tom, Bonnie and Darren forming the other. We still all get along, but it’s not the same. Plus Tom has been going all pedantic nazi over the dishwashing. Which I guess is fair enough.
Over the course of a week, everyone leaves a spoon here, a cup there etc. etc. and it builds up until Tom get’s angry and writes a threatening note. 
I’m not sure if I’m guilty of leftover dishes, I must have left something at least 2 or 3 maybe more times, but gosh. It’s a little scary. Like I thought he was going to eat me the other week with his accusatory note. O_O

Other than that, having a boyfriend is great! It’s so nice to be adored by another human being..
The housing situation has turned out to be nice, I can talk to him whenever, get a lift whenever, see him whenever.. he’s around somewhere all the time. Which I was scared would become annoying, but it really hasn’t. In fact, I never tire of being around him =O it’s awesome!

Anyway, it’s late. Bye!


The Holidays


This post is more about me rather than my first year university experiences, but I thought I’d write a post because it might just become relevant to any future semester two university drama.

I have a boyfriend!

However, my boyfriend also happens to be my housemate! D= Next semester could get interesting…

So over the holidays I thought I would do many a productive activity in preparation for the upcoming semester. Such productive activities included exercising, relearning how to play the violin and guitar, reading, catching up with my Sydney friends.
As you can imagine most of these activities did not come to pass. I did exercise, but only sporadically.. I did pick up the guitar, but not the violin. And I didn’t play it as much as I would’ve liked. I didn’t read anything. But I did catch up with all of my friends!

So I did one thing!

So the boyfriend story in a nutshell!

About 1/4 way through the holidays, my housemate (and at the time reallyreallyreally good friend – we talk for extended periods of time daily) flew into Sydney after visiting his family in Darwin. He was like, we should catch up! And of course I agreed.

So we’re hanging out around Sydney, get back to my house, and because it’s quite late he crashes at my place for the night and plans to go back to Newcastle the next day. So we’re chatting into the night and conversations turn a little intimate/personal (I guess?) and he kisses me.

For the week and a half or so we spoke everyday and visited each other in Newcastle and Sydney etc. etc. until about a week ago when we changed relationship statuses on facebook and I ended up having a boyfriend!

And that is the story in a nutshell.


I am not too sure how this is going to play out seeing as we live in the same house and all D= But if there is anything of interest about having an immediate live-in boyfriend I might just post it up along with all the other first-year university shenanigans!


Another thing! I got my first semester results! Not too shabby I must say. I didn’t fail anything and I’ll be moving on to next semester! Yay me!


First Semester is Over!


I have successfully survived the first semester of first year university! It was challenging, fun, eye-opening, and a bit of a throw-into-the-deep-end, but it was so so good and I’m looking forward to next semester.

So a few things that went on that I didn’t mention along the way.

I made a solid group of girl friends (something I’ve wanted since year 9) who all live within a 10-minute walking distance radius of me. We can meet up and go for Thai food, go to university together, hang out whenever.. I love it! There is always someone to talk to about my ridiculous PMS teenage angst, or to chat to like a normal human being. It’s one of the best things about being a small course.

I met a boy. But we’re just friends. Because we live together. Hmm. Don’t really have a lot to say on this subject, so I’ll move on.

I’m pretty sure that I did quite well in most of my subjects! It was not the hell that everybody told me it was going to be. It was actually quite manageable, if I studied more regularly it would have been a breeze. However I stuck to my usual method of last minute cramming, which was very stressful but it wasn’t hell.

I love living away from home! Do what I want, when I want. Not responsible for anyone but myself, it’s awesome! And I argue with my mum a whole lot less.

Drugs are much more accessible than I thought. Though I’ve decided to never access them. Partially because I’m a health student and it has the potential to ruin my future career, and partially because they are illegal and socially unacceptable.

So those are 5 things that I didn’t mention before.

Another 5 things that I’ve learnt;

Don’t drink on a empty stomach, and when you do drink, cap it at 4-5 drinks if you’re a lightweight.

Take advantage of alllll the discounts. They actually do come in handy.

Eggs are the best thing ever, they go with almost anything.

A mac is not essential for uni, but I love mine even though it cost me a bomb. It’s fashionable but mainstream to have a mac. It’s a bit overrated.

Don’t go to shopping centres when you’re a student. The temptation is too much, especially if you’re a female who loves to spend money.

Okay well, that’s it for now.

University is as awesome as you make it. I haven’t attended any club meetings or anything, but university is still awesome.

The Student Kitchen.

I thought I’d write a post on cooking and eating as a poor, centrelink dependant student.

Basically, grocery-wise I try to limit myself to about $40 a week. I usually take advantage of those little yellow tags that have my favourite word on them, ‘reduced’. That usually brings my weekly grocery spend down, meaning the rest of that money goes into things like burritos and alcohol. Ahaha not really.. no actually it does. Not that much though.. Just when I go out. Which is not that often because of exams. Stupid exams. >=(

Anyway, There are lots of great foods besides the staple mi goreng and easymac that you can make for cheap. Even when you want a treat (like lamb stew) it doesn’t cost as much as you’d expect. Once you have all the staples that is. For example, I invested in a bottle of $4 red wine, and now I pretty much put it in anything I cook that has red meat in it. Makes the class of the food go up buy 1000000000. Tastes even better the next day. But I don’t eat red meat that often, like 1-3 times a week.. I’m a bit of a vego these days, but I still love meat.

So my kitchen essentials are (drum roll)

– Garlic&Shallots – put them in with almost anything you fry
– Oil – you end up frying most of your food because it’s faster.
– Salt&Pepper – for EVERYTHING. Well not everything, but most things.
– Honey&Lemon – makes great tea when you have no tea. Which is quite often these days..
– Coffee – Buy NesCafe. Or Moccona, but NesCafe is great.
– Pasta – always have a little bit of pasta. It’s on sale quite often so you can always stock up
– Mi Goreng – you eventually start to live off of this stuff, and then you realise you’re not nourished, and then you buy real people food.
– Potatoes – you can put potatoes in almost everything. You can cook potatoes in so many different ways. And they are cheap. +++++
– Onions – buy a 1kg bag, you’ll have a supply for ages.
– Bread – when all else fails, eat toast.
– Ketchup – better than tomato sauce – which essential. Enough said.


– Fried potatoes with garlic and shallots, garnish with salt and eat with anything, like pasta, or rice, or noodles or something.

– Noodles and soy sauce. When extremely lazy

– Spaghetti Bolagnaise – add red wine

– Lamb stew – buy super cheap lamb, and add red wine.

– Stir fries – I use oyster sauce and soy sauce as my base for the sauce.

– Throw everything into the fry pan and do not burn. You can fry pizza. It is seriously the best way to reheat pizza, you get a crunchy base.

– Pesto pasta, buy pesto in a jar, mix with cooked pasta. Add other stuff if you feel like being nutritional

– Steak. Add vegetables for health. For medium steak, fry on one side with minimal oil until you see the brown rise to about halfway, then flip and cool    until the blood comes out. Then rest for 5 mins or so. Should be perfect.

– Pork dumplings – this is really cheap and easy. Buy some wonton skins and pork mince, season the mince with whatever you like. I used shallots, garlic, fish sauce, bit of soy sauce, lotsa salt, bit of cornflour. Wrapped about 40-60 wontons and froze them all. Defrost and eat whenever!

– Curries. Literally coconut milk, random garnishes, curry paste, whatever vegetables and meat you can find, put in pot, simmer for a while.

– Omurice. Watch cookingwithdog on youtube. Best.

It's never usually this clean. I went on a cleaning spree one day and thought I should take a picture to preserve the memory.

It’s never usually this clean. I went on a cleaning spree one day and thought I should take a picture to preserve the memory.

I cook other things, but I can’t remember what they are anymore. Get a bit experimental, it can be fun when you come up with new ideas!

I found that I started paying attention to the Woolworths sales advertisements on TV when I watch TV.. It’s a sad life.

Exam Time.

Good evenmorning,

So it’s coming up to the end of the first semester of university which means.. exams.

When I was in high school, I was told that this time period was going to feel like the HSC all over again, except with more work, more stress, and less time.

But it’s not so bad.

All I have to do is pass. If I do better, I do better – which would be fantastic, but at the end of the day, to get that piece of paper at the end of three years that says I have completed a Bachelor degree all I need to do is pass.

Of course I would like to have a high GPA which would increase my chances of getting a job and open up more opportunities, but I will survive if I only pass. Unlike in the HSC when getting the best ATAR possible feels like a life or death situation.

It’s currently 1.54am, and I’m not planning on sleeping until I get through two more lectures worth of work. However my eyes are starting to get that tired crusty feeling and I’m wondering how much longer I can go on for..
But this is normal right? Most uni students stay up at all hours studying for exams.

I think I just contradicted myself.. I am putting effort into studying even though I don’t care too much.

Okay, I care. I hate sitting in an exam and having absolutely no idea/clue of what the answer is. That to me is up there with the worst feelings in the world. I want a good mark, and I want to do well, but I won’t be extremely disappointed if I don’t do too well. As long as I pass. But a D would be lovely.


This post doesn’t really have an aim or point, I’m just writing as a study break..


I did my first final exam on Tuesday. It was quite easy – that saying, the subject itself wasn’t very difficult anyway. If you read all the content, you would at least get a credit. It was easy. Most people left half an hour into the exam.
I was going to sit through the entire thing, but then I ended up leaving after forty five minutes. I have willpower, but not that much willpower..


Anyway. This was just a post for the sake of a post. Not interesting.

Have a good night.

Being sick and not at home to have a mother take care of you


I think the title describes perfectly what this post is about.

So I have this cold, my housemate has had the same cold for 3 weeks and I’ve finally caught it.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, exhaustion (despite a wonderful night’s sleep), a sniffly nose and a cough. Not happy, Jan.
I pulled myself out of bed in search of the toilet and some tissues, the latter of which we had run out of due to the other sick person living in the house.

I ended up recovering during the day, only to get all run down again at night and having the worst night’s sleep – I could barely breathe without my throat killing me.

I spent the whole day in bed craving chicken noodle soup, but my mum isn’t here to take care of me. I had to keep getting up out of bed to get more tea, food, etc. etc.

I might make chicken noodle soup tomorrow, but my taste buds are ruined so I probably won’t be able to taste it’s goodness.

Ahhh the perils of moving out =(

In other news, I’m doing a first aid course on Saturday, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Short post, but I’m sick. I’m sure you understand.