First Jobs

My first job has finally been confirmed. I haven’t gotten any shifts yet, but I have my POS card and I have a store.

I don’t think it’s got very good pay, but considering I am living on an income of $0 it’s a great improvement. Mum’s money doesn’t count as an income. I’m a teenager, of course my mum pays for a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but when stuff happens, like when I break my phone, who’s going to pay for that? Me. On my $0 income.

So I now have a Xmas casual position at Cotton On Kids.

The clothes are soooooo cute!!! I love them! They are adorable! And the kids that come into the store! The antics! It’s hilarious!!

My store manager seems pretty nice. I’ve only spoken to her over the phone though.. I haven’t had any shifts yet. But I will. I really want to start working! I need to pay for this broken phone of mine! It’s a really nice phone too, I want it fixed!

So does everyone get a first job because they need to pay for something? Or did you get yours just so you could get some sort of an income coming in? Even if it was just the $5.88 wage for a fourteen year old at MacDonalds? Is that the wage?

What about when you’re in year 12? Do you think it’s wise to get a job now? Apparently some universities give scholarships to students who had a job and studied and got good marks at the same time. So it’s a good thing right? As long as you don’t give up on education as a whole just so you can work. I think that’s a bit excessive, unless you get a job that you really want to do, or if the way that the education system works isn’t to your style..

Jobs are a good thing I think.  My Asian side is telling me that ‘it’s good to learn about financial matters lah~ Teach you the good thing and the bad thing about the money.’

The first job is really difficult to get though. It’s been a year and a half, and I have FINALLY landed a job. I am glowing! I have a job!!!

I want to do a happy dance!!!

What was/is/will be your first job? Was it an embarrassing one like this?

I saw a guy dressed up with the whole Mexican shebang going on once. He’s there every Saturday outside the Mexican restaurant for hours. Poor guy.. He even dances at the cars that go past…


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