Today is Thursday

So today is Thursday. I didn’t have any classes today, we had a Japanese school from Nara visit us. It was pretty fun =) I enjoyed lunch.

We took them around the school on a tour, showing the different parts of the school. The four people that my group  showed around were pretty nice I think. Didn’t really get to know them well. I don’t know, today wasn’t very interesting.

Interesting thing that happened to me. Today: embarrassment.

So we met lots of different students and my teacher gives us these friendship booklet things that use to exchange email addresses and facebook.
By the way, they didn’t know what facebook is!! The shock! the horror! The over dramatic~ness!
Anyway, so I go to start getting email addresses and stuff, I doubt I’ll actually email but if I ever do.. So I go and get Kaho’s (one of the girls in my group) and then run into ..I can’t remember his name very well… Kazuhiro or something like that. Anyway, I ask him for his, and he starts to write down his name, and then thinks I want the number of his hotel room, and I’m thinking “WTH!?” So I try to use my crap Japanese to say that I want his email, not his phone number.

What am I going to say if I call?? –‘Hello. How are you? Ok. Goodbye.’–

Anyway after about ten minutes and he finally gets the gist of what I’m trying to ask, he refuses. So I’m like, ‘okay then.’ It didn’t really bother me until he started profusely apologising and once again I’m thinking ‘WTH!!??’ Does he think that I liked him or something!?

Every time he saw me he would apologise. It was quite awkward actually. I’m not sure why he said ‘sorry’ so much…

Does asking for an email address count as a confession or something in Japan?

courtesy of google images.



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