It’s Friday, Friday etc…..

It’s Friday today! Last day of school before I head off to Japan for the next two weeks!

I saw some guys breaking into my unit’s carpark today. Pretty sure they were in high school, I don’t think they were doing anything, they were just having fun or something I suppose. Though, I wasn’t happy.

The last time someone broke into the carpark (some years ago), my car’s window got smashed. That was pretty annoying to be honest. They didn’t even take anything! They just decided to smash our window. Out of all the cars in the entire carpark, they chose to smash our window. At this point we hadn’t bought our new car yet. It was just a crappy old one in need of repair. I mean, some of our nieghbours have Mercs and BMWs, but they chose to smash the window of a 1995 Nissan crappy Pulsar that was worth like.. $5000. Who does that!?

But that was at around 1am in the morning. These high schoolers broke in in broad daylight. They looked pretty suss actually. They jumped the wall of a carpark, ran across and jumped down on the other side. It’s a lot easier just to walk around it, less effort.

I was thinking of telling them to get lost or something. At first there were only two guys. They looked about my age, not too dangerous or anything, and I was on a busy street where everybody would be able to see what was happening. But then about 5 more guys jumped out from the carpark. Hmm.. maybe I should just keep walking. So I just kept walking, and glared at them.

What were they even doing!? Sometimes people like to use our carpark to skateboard in, but the body corporate caught on and stopped them and stuff so they don’t come back anymore. They didn’t even do anything! It was like they just decided to climp up the wall to the carpark, walk across and then climb back down the other side, just because it was cooler than walking on the footpath right next to it. Rediculous!

Do you like to break into other people’s carparks???


image courtesy of Google Images. That is not my carpark. Or one of the guys breaking into my carpark.


2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, Friday etc…..

  1. OMGOMGOMG!!! hehehe, I finally found your blog and it is quite awesome šŸ˜€ HAVE SO MUCH FUN IN JAPAN!!! and wow do you live in a dodgy area… nothing in North Rocks but old people adn flowers…

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