Doesn’t waiting suck??? You have to sit and wait for something to happen. What do you do to pass the time… Sometimes I stare at a clock at watch as the seconds go by, it’s like watching grass grow, nothing happens…

I remember when I was little, one of my aunties said she was really tired so she was going home to watch the grass grow and drink some wine. I actually thought she was going to sit on her porch and watch the grass. I thought it sounded fun and wanted to go with her, and Mum said it was just a metaphor for doing nothing. I was soooo confused, but ever since then, I’ve actually wanted to watch grass grow, but I live in a unit block so I can’t really.. There isn’t any grass to watch growing.

Don’t you think it would be nice though? To sit back on a verandah in one of those comfy chairs and just watching the grass? Actually it sounds quite boring but I don’t know, it sounds quite nice to me.

Right now I’m waiting for my train to come so I can go to the airport and fly off to Japan. I have to wait an hour. So I’m waiting.. I would prefer to watch grass grow, but I’ll just write about it now because there isn’t really much else to do. If I go to sleep I might miss the train, and that would be disasterous.

What’s the worst type of waiting? I hate it when I miss the train and have to wait another 20 minutes for the next train, or if I’m waiting for exam results, or in this case, if I am waiting to leave the country. AHHHH i wanna go already!!!

Actually I’m a bit worried about the weight of my luggage. If i put everything in it, it comes up as 19.6 kilos, so I took some out, but I don’t want to take it as carry on, so I’ll have to put it back in the suitcase and hope for the best… I don’t want to have to ay extra!! Half the stuff in there isn’t even mine, it’s for the host family!!

Hoping I don’t get a seat next to the toilet. That would suck. The smell and all the people walking past… and the dorr opening and closing all the time…. THE WORST.



Yay I just passed 10 minutes of time. Another 50 to go…




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