So usually Wednesdays are my busiest days. I have a full day of school (no free periods =| ) and then after school I have orchestra rehearsals from 2hrs then after that I have figure skating practice until 9.30-10pm-ish. I barely get any homework done on Wednesdays, but right now, I’m on school holidays!!! So […]

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

So last night I finally finished reading Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday! It is a really interesting read, written in sort of a text form, the storyline is told through emails, memos, letters, diary entries and interviews (interrogations). At first I thought the book might end u being slightly boring, the first […]

Reading online

So recently, I’ve gotten back into all these online reading sites. Almost every story/book on them has a happy ending which is a nice change because the last five actual novels I have read have had unsatisfying or sad endings. I never realised how many different sites there are! At first, I only used […]