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So recently, I’ve gotten back into all these online reading sites. Almost every story/book on them has a happy ending which is a nice change because the last five actual novels I have read have had unsatisfying or sad endings.

I never realised how many different sites there are! At first, I only used but then I heard about through an author on wattpad, then there is quizilla and and most recently I’ve looked at I think I’ve been living under a rock, I had no idea about all these different websites!

One thing bad about having a gazillion websites is plagirism. When there is an amazing and popular book on one site, someone copies it and posts it on another site as their own work. It makes it really difficult to find who the original author is and some people end up accusing the wrong people of copying. It’s happened to one of my favourite authors about three times now (that’s how good her book is!) and I feel sort of annoyed for her.

Teen fiction is overdone though. There are so many stories about exactly the same thing with different characters and a different setting. It feels like you are reading the same book in a different location… I guess that’s one of the major downfalls of online reading. However if you ever feel like reading a soppy, cute, uplifting teen romance, online reading is for you!


One thought on “Reading online

  1. I just wanted to firstly thank you for reading my blog and commenting, it means so much to me that you took the time to do that! I also very much agree with you here, reading online is amazing, there is SO much talent out there you can read for free, and many stories are almost as good as real life books (if not better!) But of course, there is plagiarism, which I guess is the curse of the internet: people just abuse good things 😦 But never mind, I feel like the majority of people use online writing sites for fun!
    Loovely blog 🙂 I love the macaroon background! 🙂

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