So usually Wednesdays are my busiest days. I have a full day of school (no free periods =| ) and then after school I have orchestra rehearsals from 2hrs then after that I have figure skating practice until 9.30-10pm-ish. I barely get any homework done on Wednesdays, but right now, I’m on school holidays!!! So this Wednesday, I stayed home and slept. Literally, I slept in until 10am, then ‘rested my eyes’ a few more times in the afternoon. Life was good today. I also got some of my music major work done! Just a little, but for me it was a lot, because I barely ever do anything.

So my friend Didi and I skate together every Weds night with the other two ladies, Izzy and Duka. The other two are quite a bit older than us so we hang together most of the time.

Do you have one of those friends who is the only person you go absolutely nuts with? Or close enough to crazy? I think I probably have my most embarrassing moments with Didi. We dance stupidly in public, sing loudly and make faces at each other all the time. On the ice, in the middle of the rink, in public. And for some reason, I don’t feel embarrassed! We just have fun and it’s great!

I reckon that most of my other friends would laugh at me and bring it up everyday just to make me feel stupid. Not that they aren’t good friends, I have some of the best friends in the world, but they wouldn’t go crazy in public with me like I do with Didi.

It’s so fun. I wonder sometimes, wouldn’t it be great just to go absolutely nuts all the time, anywhere you want without people giving you that -omigosh-what-is-wrong-with-that-person-look? LIke if people just broke out into musical theatre songs in public, like in front of cafes and stuff, how great would that be?

Sometimes I think life is boring. Like you go into the city, and all the people wear their suits with their briefcases and go to work, then go to lunch and complain about work, then go back to work. And you see all the high school students (myself included) complain about school, then go home, do their school work and go back and repeat then same process day in and day out. If the world was more exciting and less afraid of being humiliated, how amazing would it be to be a human being?

People dancing on the streets and singing on top of their tables in high class restaurants, nothing would ever be boring!

But everyone is judgemental, it’s unavoidable, but you know, that’s just life. Though wouldn’t it be fun!

I’d love to sing and dance on top of a table in Gloria Jeans! But I think all the other cafe-goers would have permanently damaged ears and eyes… How fun would it be though!

I challenge you to go and do something embarrassing in public! I do it once a week and I feel great! (wow that sounds sorta philosophical…) But seriously! Go on!!!



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