HSC Examinations


I’m in the middle of my HSC exams at the moment.

I’ve just had two English tests, a maths test, and a biology test. I’ve got three more tests to go. I hate it. This is so stupid! The Board of Studies ask stupid questions and makes it complicated and difficult!

I hate maths. That’s all there is to it.
The exam was difficult, because I made the stupid decision to do it backwards, thinking it would be a smart idea to get the hardest questions out of the way first. NO. NONONONO.
I could barely do the last question at all, and it ruined my mood for the rest of the test. The rest of the questions were not as hard, but because I was doing the harder questions first, everything just seemed harder than it actually was.

The Bio test!!!??? ZOMG. It was an ‘easy’ test, but the questions were so stupid! There was a question about natural selection, based on experiment a girl conducted using cream biscuits.

Yes. Cream biscuits can be used to model the mechanism for which the environment selects the ‘fittest’ organism to survive and evolve over millions of years.

On top of that, at the beginning of my bio test, I saw a small spider crawling across the top of my uniform, and naturally, I had a miniature freakout. For the rest of the three hour exam, I swear I could feel stuff crawling up my legs, across my arms… etc. etc. It was like I had ice bugs or something.
For the entire exam, I was that weird girl in the corner who was fidgeting around and banging the table lightly. Ugh.


I spent forever working on my English essays so I could vomit them onto the page via my pen in the exam, and I am so glad that it’s over. It wasn’t too hard of an exam, but I am so glad it’s over.

I never have to analyse belonging between characters again, I never have to explain how language is manipulated in texts again, I never have to convey how a certain camera angle in the film depicts the character’s feelings EVER AGAIN.



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