So lately I have noticed a rise in the amount we think about stuff, and how much is too much.

There’s that program on TV at the moment talking about hoarders, and then there are all these blogs and articles on minimalism.

Making these extreme changes to your lifestyle, is it really healthy?

We all know that hoarding is not healthy, you could have all sorts of things crawling around in your house and never know about them. There would be so much stuff everywhere, there would barely be anywhere to walk.

An elderly couple used to live in the unit opposite mine, they were semi-hoarders. They had boxes and boxes of stuff that lined all the walls, I didn’t even know what colour the walls were until they moved out. When you entered their unit, you had to follow a path that was lined with cardboard boxes on either side, it was like a little maze. There was a path that led to the kitchen, toilet and bedrooms. I think they knew where everything was, but still it was a little concerning that you would have to walk along pathways within your own home.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are people who call themselves minimalist. They have very little stuff, one minimalist whose blog I read a while ago has six pieces of clothing, including underwear. He would buy stuff, use it once or twice, then give it to charity. He doesn’t have a mobile phone, and he doesn’t own soap.

I don’t really see minimalism as a bad thing, but I do wonder if it really is healthy.

People have connections to stuff. We keep stuff because we feel some sort of sentiment to it, or we just really like the look of it. Or it has some sort of use, like a plate, or a fork.

I’m pretty sure that minimalists have forks and plates – those are almost necessities, but do they have their old high/primary school exercise books? What about a favourite teddy bear from their childhood? Do they have decorative items such as vases or lamp shades and soft leather sofas?

I love having stuff, it makes my room mine. If I didn’t have all that stuff, the room could be anyone’s. Sometimes I find stuff buried in my wardrobe that I haven’t seen for a while, and it brings about all these nostalgic feelings from a holiday, or some funny thing that happened a while ago.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of crap that I really don’t need anymore (my yr12 notes and textbooks for example) that I really want to throw out and is just taking up space. But I’m quite happy having my stuff, and I wouldn’t give it up just to be a minimalist with a more aesthetic lifestyle with a higher quality of living.

I love stuff, unless it’s tacky and/or weird (in a bad way) then I don’t love it.

No offence minimalists, I just don’t think I’m capable of living your kind of lifestyle.


this post is quite long and boring, sorry.


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