I just recently (this afternoon) returned from a road trip/holiday with a bunch of friends. We went down the coast and stayed near the beach; we didn’t use the beach that much, but it was nice having it there.

Before the road trip, I was starting to wonder whether I should have gone or not. The friends who I went with were not the friends I spoke to on a daily basis at school, more like a every-other-day-basis. Initially I was quite shocked that I was invited. Sure I hung out with this group quite often at school, but I wasn’t sure how close we were as friends.

Then lots of crap simultaneously happened on the day after my HSC finished, which also happened to be the day before we left. (I was really sick, Granddad was in hospital and a potential work opportunity ended badly) And so I was really questioning whether I should have gone or not, but I ended up going (obviously) because of all the effort that it took to organise the trip. Plus I really wanted to have a holiday. I think I’m quite selfish like that..

Anyway, I am so glad I went. It was great!

I just had a realisation (btw, it’s after midnight you might already know that I do all my posts after midnight so some are stupid and are ridiculous -like this one-) that I didn’t get to know as many people over the course of high school as I wanted to. 

There are so many people that I wanted to know, who I thought were really cool, and who would have been awesome to talk to and be friends with that I never really spoke to. Ever.

And I really regret that..
People are awesome! Even if they are the most annoying, weird, out-there crazy, irritating, bossy people in the entire universe; they are still awesome.

There were so many opportunities to get to know different people and different personalities in my year group, and I just never did it.

The hypotheticalme would have made friends with -or at least spoke to monthly- everyone in my year. Even if it was the most shallow or short conversation ever.

I just had this realisation after getting to know different people over a week of living with them.

It’s summer holidays now, I have three months to try to get to know different people from high school.
I have definitely been living in a ditch under a rock for 13 years.


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