Night time


So I’m going to tell you what happens at night time for me when I am at home.

My mum goes to bed before me, she’s a school teacher so she has to get up early in the mornings and leave by 7am.. I on the other hand, have finished school; so I get to laze around, sleep in, and do whatever I like whenever I like. Or at least until I land a job.

I stay on the internet for a while, refreshing Facebook. Nothing new pops up anymore. Sometimes I look at old photos though. Then I go check my emails, as if somebody is going to email me at midnight.. I check youtube for any uploads from people I have subscribed to, I check for any manga updates, I check for any wattpad or fanfic updates…. Yeah I check for a lot of updates.

And then I check wordpress for any new posts. Sometimes, I feel like I do right now; when the time is midnight and I feel like writing a completely pointless and boring post. Then halfway through writing the post I put my head down on the desk and have a little snooze, only to wake up a minute later and finish the post. (Like I just did just then.)

My eyes start to crust a little, or feel dry, whatever that weird feeling is. I slouch in my chair a lot more, and my face holds a frown because it is too lazy to turn up the corners of my mouth.

My eyes start to droop and I start to realise that maybe sleep would be a good idea.

Good night.



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