Holiday Boredom


So I’ve finished my HSC, and I’m in this 4 month holiday period at the moment. Initially it was great, but now I’m starting to get a little bit bored…

As soon as the HSC finished I was unbelievably sick for a day. Runny nose, vertigo, throwing up  etc. etc. I think I was releasing all the crap that had built up during exams.

After that one horrible day, everything was good again and I went on a holiday on the beach for a week with friends, then spent everyday meeting up with different friends for a week, then had all these 18th birthday parties for a week,  then went to Melbourne for just under a week.
It had been really busy, but sosososo fun! But now, everything has sort of stopped and I’m quite bored.

I haven’t seen anyone in days, and even if I wanted to, I can’t! Damn.

We’re moving house! So there’s alot to do at home, packing/tidying/cleaning/throwing crap out etc. and it all needs to be done in a week and a half.

So now I’m bored.


yeah well that’s it. I thought I should update my blog because I haven’t in a while, and this didn’t end up being a very interesting post anyway.. sorry.

Have a good day.


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