one week out.

In one week exactly, I’m moving out!

So I have to prep, pack, get my timetable, organise my stuff, you know.. sort things out.


Right now, I’m starting to pack up all the stuff I think I’m going to need for university. I’ve been productive, but not amazingly productive. So far, I’ve only packed things I’d like to have around my room, y’know.. decorations. The only thing that I’ve packed that I’ll actually need for uni is stationary.

Yeah I should really get onto what I need…


So I’ve gotten my bond and rent sorted out, I’ll pay up every Thursday.

I headed over to Newcastle (from Sydney) and met my housemates, had a quick look around the university, met some other students that sort of thing.

My housemates are pretty cool! There are two other girls and three guys, the girls came from the same high school and know each other really well (I think their best friends?) and the three guys seem really nice too, though I wouldn’t know for sure. One is extremely talkative, I found him a bit overwhelming when I first met him. He sort of just walked into my room, sat down, and told me about himself for a while. (Let’s call him Mike)

The second guy, let’s call him Tim, is sort of my idea of a genuine Aussie bloke. Very witty, really funny, just that guy that everyone likes being around.

The third guy (let’s say.. Weiss) I haven’t really met. I saw him for about 10 minutes and then he disappeared into his room and I never saw him again. I reckon he’s not actually a quiet person, but rather he’s so cool that he’s never home.


Then there’s the girls, and they’re really awesome too. Libby is one of those¬†charismatic people who can just strike up a conversation with anyone, and Belle is sort of quieter but not shy or anything.

It’s a good house.


One thing I’m a bit worried about, I’m 17. Everyone else is 18 or older, and they are all really chummy, and go out to the pub or wherever together. So I’m horribly scared that I’m gonna be a loner who does nothing but sits at home and watches movies on her lonesome on a Friday and Saturday night… how to deal???? Just sneak in anyway and not drink? Stick to lemon lime and bitters? (No, 0.02% alcoholic drinks do not count as alcohol.)

O-Week starts on Monday! I’m going to go and collect as much free stuff as I can. Cos everyone loves freebies =D





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