Week 1 is done.


After going through the my first ever week as a university student, I can confidently say that one of the hardest things to do in the first week is make friends.

The first week, (well for my degree anyway) there are no tutorials or anything like that, which apparently is where you make your friends at university. So there are some people who go through an entire week at university, ALONE. That sucks majorly.

So, my advice is to sit with all the loners. Make friends with people who haven’t made any friends yet and you’ll end up with a nice group of different types of people.
I noticed that most people were a bit awkward about sitting next to people in lectures. They would sit one seat away and not make any contact, and just be lonely.

The key is to sit next to people and say hi. Insta-friend right there. And even if they aren’t the type of person you would usually have as a friend, they might surprise you. Also it’s only the first week of university and you’ll meet lots of people. Don’t think that the first people you meet will be your friends and that is it for the rest of eternity.

I had a bit of advantage when I arrived at the very first lecture. I met a few people and stuck with them on my faculty day at O-Week. So when I walked up to the building that my class was at, I had someone to look for. And luckily for me, I spotted someone I knew. BAM person to sit next to in lecture.

If you don’t meet anyone at your O-Day, no worries! Just be brave and walk up to another person who looks slightly nervous and say hi. That is literally all it takes. The other person might be really thankful that someone spoke to them. BOOM insta-friend.

Another way to meet people, if they look completely lost and like they are looking for the same room as you, ask them if they are in the same class. New friend right there.

So that’s the social side..

Academically, university is hard. From the first lecture you have work to do and you are already behind. Work constantly. Your first night home from uni, even if you have already done the same subject at high school, review and study anyway. Chances are that there is a little detail that high school didn’t go over that university does. Know everything.
Especially if you are enrolled in a class that has laboratories. KNOW EVERYTHING.


Obviously that is impossible. Just try to review everything at least once so that you have some recall of it in time for your laboratory.


Housing – wise!!! I can’t really give any advice on this since I am completely awkward with all my housemates and am terrible at starting up conversations.

My housemates have lived together already for a month or so, I think. So they already are friends, and I just find it really awkward trying to break into that circle.
So instead, I leave my bedroom door open whenever I’m in there, unless I’m changing or something. That way, I (hopefully) seem like an open person who doesn’t mind if you waltz in and chat to me.

Spend time in the kitchen. Everyone hangs out in the kitchen. The kitchen is the social place to be in your sharehouse. Eventually, (I hoooooppppeeee) you’ll crack into that group. You’ll want to be friends with your housemates. Especially if you’re like me and signed a lease.


(I should be studying right now….)


8 thoughts on “Week 1 is done.

  1. I agree – making friends is really hard during the first couple of days! I was lucky and some of my high school friends go to the same university as me and they introduced me to their friends…BOOM, instant friendship. Turns out the guy is majoring in the same thing as me and is taking three of the four papers for the semester AND is taking every possible tutorial with me too! :’]

    It’s academically really different too – if you miss even half a lecture then you’ve missed a vital piece of information {or that’s what I’ve found at least}. It sucks. Most teachers are awesome though :]

    Good luck for the rest of the year lovely – it’ll be awesome!

    • Wow that is lucky!! Someone to sit with where ever you are! super awesome =D
      Yeah!! I missed half a lecture once, had to spend the rest of the afternoon studying to figure out what was going on and how..
      thanks! =)

      • It really is! Luckily we get along super well otherwise that could have been a disaster! Haha imagine that…in every class with someone but absolutely hating them! o_o
        I did the exact same thing just the other day! It’s hard by yourself! Haha I’m gonna try get to all my lectures now because they always mention something that isn’t in the notes! Friggin’ lecturers -_-

  2. I know exactly how you feel! My first week was so overwhelming too! What degree are you doing? I started my first week in Law and it’s hectic 😐

    • Law!! Wow that must be intense!
      I’m studying medical imaging =] it’s really interesting! There is always a lot of work to do, but it’s interesting!

  3. Hey Becky!
    I know what it’s like to be starting Uni younger than anyone else! It must suck to be getting in when you’re only 17 😐 When I started I was only 14 though! It’s hard at the beginning to make friends but you should keep at it and work as hard as you can.
    I’m hoping you’re familiar with the UoN game of Assassins, or I have been sorely misinformed. Your Facebook page didn’t seem to let me send you a message, so I’m hoping you check here regularly.
    I know who is after you at the moment, but I’m not sure who you’re after. I try to play a Pacifist game whenever I play (not killing anyone until the final 2), and a major part of that is helping people catch whoever they are after. So, if you were willing to tell me who you’re looking for, I’ll likely be able to give you some information on them. I’ve been around the Uni for a while, after all!
    Please send back info on who you’re hunting! I’ve sent you a friend request on Facebook.

    (N.B. if you aren’t actually playing the game this is pretty awkward please ignore this oh jeez man all this talk of assassins and killing must be really odd)

    • Also it would be best if you delete this reply from your site as your assassin might be able to track you through me. Thanks!

    • hahahaha i am playing xD I found out who is after me, tried to get me to meet up with him to exchange a ‘lost book’ haha
      You started at 14!!?? How did that happen?! =O

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