university academia struggles

So it’s been three weeks since I started university now, I forgot to blog last weekend because I was busy.. sleeping. And complexly writing a simple essay. I complicated things for myself.

In the second week of uni I received my first set of assessments. I had an upcoming online exam (which I did on Thursday – 90% =D – though I think many other people would have gotten 100% so that sort of rains on my parade) an essay, and I have group work that I should be doing right now.

So in week 2 I learnt that it is easy to blow things like essays and online exams wayyyy out of proportion. I got a little bit panicky; my thoughts were something along the lines of “university essays must be of a higher standard than high school essays! What if my essays are too juvenile!? Nooooooooooo!!!”
Anyway, so I looked over the assessment outline and the marking guidelines and all that jazz and it sort of calmed me down a bit. I can’t tell you just yet if a good essay by high school standards is good enough by first year university standards, but I’ll let you know.

Another thing, online exams are nothing! The word ‘exam’ freaks me out. I’m okay with ‘quiz’ or ‘test’ but exams are scary and harshly marked in my previous experiences. But this was easy – it was nothing!
Don’t panic too much about online exams, I mean, study! Because you do need to know everything in some sort of detail, preferably high detail – because sometimes you get tedious questions, but don’t go nuts because of the word ‘exam’.

Now I’m working on my part of a group assessment. I don’t have much advice to give yet, but so far, I do know that you have to do your part. If you don’t do your part, or if you do it badly and slack off a bit, your group has the power to get you a zero. All it takes is “s/he didn’t do the work.” And you fail.
DO YOUR WORK. That’s my advice for today.


3 thoughts on “university academia struggles

  1. I agree with the ‘DO YOUR WORK’ thing. I’m struggling with all the work! For some reason my lecturers thought it would be cool to give us something to do for every class -__- Now I’m trying to write a book review and a film review at the same time! …Not an ideal situation! Haha.
    I hope your group assessment goes well :]

    • The work is most definitely a big struggle! My lecturers are a bit like that too! But it’s more like review reading and exercises and summarising. I have three lectures of the same subject on a Monday, and then on the Tuesday I have the laboratory for that class! So I have to review and learn everything from the lectures that night ready for the lab the next morning, it’s so tiring!!
      How about you do a film based on a book, then you have both bases covered easily haha =] though it’d be a little confusing if you accidentally get the film review mixed up with the book review =\
      hope it goes well!!

      • Oh gosh, YES! The readings and reviews are killer! I have Spanish three days in a row and jeez, I never get a break! I understand!
        I had to do “Batman Begins” because it’s the film I was studying for an adaptation paper but I hate the comic {and the fact that it’s a comic} ruled it out for the book review -__-
        I just finished the film review, now I’m writing a book review on ‘Salem Falls’ by Jodi Picoult while reading ‘Jane Eyre’ and frantically trying to find the film adaptation of it by a certain director! Haha I’m so behind in that class -__-
        Thank you though!

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