Mid Semester Break


So I’ve heard this bit of university life is for studying. Because following this wonderful week of nothing follows a whole lot of exams and assessments that need completing. gah.

The break started on Good Friday, and being the nerdy student that I am, I skipped a Thursday lecture and headed straight back to Sydney as to extend my studying period. ha!

I have barely been studying. I mean, I have, I have a number of things to review and study and learn before next week comes around and university starts again. But I have spent quite a bit of time doing other things. I’ve already gone shopping twice, discovered a fear of mannequins, cleaned my bedroom floor, met up with people I haven’t seen in years, gone to a wedding, had coffee with a friend, spent ages on terrible Sydney public transport, done some housework…. I’ve done a lot besides study. I’ve watched a movie every night.

That’s a new habit I picked up after moving out of home, watching movies. It’s a frequent thing back at my sharehouse.

Back on track.

Mid-semester recess is about having a week to catch up work and prepare for the onslaught of exhaustion that is about to rain down on us poor (emotionally and financially) uni students.
I have not been utilising my time super effectively – in terms of academics.

So I encourage you, fellow university student, or person who finds this writing interesting, KEEP UP WITH YOUR WORK. UTILISE YOUR TIME. PLEASE.

The stress is passive-agressive. (Like Derek Shepherd once said, ‘There is a town called Passive-Agressiva, and you are their queen.’) I am the princess of passive-agressive stress. I would say I am the queen, but I don’t think that highly of myself, haha.

I like to bottle in my stress and say that everything is going to be fine, I’ll just get it done.. eventually. And the stress builds up in my head until I relieve the stress by finishing the work, or by blowing my top.

Learn from my mistakes young grasshopper! Don’t put yourself in my situation, use your time effectively!

Nobody tells you anything in university! I didn’t realise I had exams next week until someone happened to mention it to me! You have to look at your course outline and discover everything yourself! It’s not like high school, the lecturers won’t tell you anything until you’ve failed! (Excuse me while I sob)
I haven’t failed anything, but I’ve realised that the lecturers only start chasing you up once something is overdue. =\

Keep up, young grasshopper!


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