We had a KiKi


Last night I got really drunk with my friends from university and we ate chocolate, cake and cookies.

We had a kiki.

It was really fun, but it was also my first experience with drinking alcohol, and after a while, I decided that I do not enjoy the drunk feeling. I felt so out of it.

Being drunk is like having a big cloud surround your brain. You feel like you know exactly what is going on, but something is stopping your brain from contacting your mouth and your limbs and so you can’t make good decisions and you can’t keep yourself in check.

I remember thinking to myself “You are such an idiot. Are you actually saying this? Why can’t you construct proper sentences? Why did you just say hemon instead of honey and lemon!?” I felt pretty awful. After a while I felt really pukey, and then I couldn’t hold it in and I threw up. And then I threw up a couple more times. I guess my liver couldn’t handle the sudden onslaught of alcohol.

So my advice to you is, drink, then stop and don’t do anything stupid until you start to sober up a little bit, then start having a good time. When you are tipsy, you are still in control, but you are loose enough to be a little bit (well a lot) more confident than usual. Stop after a few drinks. That is enough.

Being drunk is not fun, I really didn’t enjoy the woozy, crazy feelings.

The kiki was so fun! I had 7 friends over, my housemates didn’t really mind because most of them were going out to the toga party that was happening at university that night. One guy stayed home to study, but I think he was amused out our drunken antics.

The girls looked for my other housemates weed stash before deciding it was a bad idea, picked the neighbour’s lemons then felt bad so put them back in the tree, played with the wheelchair, accidentally walked in on the studying housemate’s shower, screamed a lot, danced, tried to watch a movie but we couldn’t get the DVD player working, stumbled everywhere…

T’was a good night. However the morning after was awful. I felt really awful.

Don’t get drunk kids. It’s not good for you.


2 thoughts on “We had a KiKi

  1. Being drunk is like having a giant blanket cuddling your brain; it’s nice for a while but you soon get over it haha. I got drunk a couple of days ago so I can relate! I remember saying things and in the morning I was beyond ashamed of myself. The thought process kind of just stops when you’re drunk haha. It sounds like you had a good night though! :]

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