Hashtag Unilyf


(This post is pretty much just a rant about not wanting to study)

My housemate described his experience of partying and getting drunk at night, then waking up with a killer hangover at 8am and having to drag himself to a tutorial, as exactly what university life is. Just like in the movies.

And I think he’s right. Of course the period of life during which many a young adult experience the perils of having to study at university all the while wanting to maintain an existence as a social human being involves much more than getting drunk at night and studying the next morning.

It also involves procrastination.

It’s Saturday. I’m going out tonight, but I promised myself that I would study first. So all day I have been trying to study bioscience really hard, so that I feel justified in going out tonight.

But I caaannnnn’ttttttt…. I can’t do this anymore! I actually can’t do this part of the subject! It’s really hard! Okay, well maybe it isn’t that hard, but my mind is just refusing to process the detailed steps involved in protein synthesis. I just don’t want to do it anymore. I’m going to go and do my laundry instead.

To top off the list of reasons why I can’t study, it was my birthday last weekend and I have recieved many boxes of chocolate.

Thanks guys, I’m going to have to start *shudder* exercising. Otherwise I’m going to gain weight and be borderline fat. My BMI is already on the border of overweight and healthy, and I don’t want to tip over the edge.

Not that I think I’m fat, I don’t have broken mirror syndrome or anything, I just think that it would be nice if my stomach and legs were a little bit slimmer than they are. It’s easily fixed, I just need to do a bit of cardio regularly, but that’s what I’m finding difficult to do. I’ll get there eventually.

I’ve gone off topic.

So uni life is about studying really hard to get your degree, ‘finding yourself’ – or in my case, knowing exactly who you are and just following the steps to get a career so you aren’t a box-dwelling dole bludger for the rest of your life, having fun, making friends etc. etc.

Be young and free, young grasshopper!

And try to develop a method of stopping yourself from procrastinating.


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