Being sick and not at home to have a mother take care of you


I think the title describes perfectly what this post is about.

So I have this cold, my housemate has had the same cold for 3 weeks and I’ve finally caught it.

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, exhaustion (despite a wonderful night’s sleep), a sniffly nose and a cough. Not happy, Jan.
I pulled myself out of bed in search of the toilet and some tissues, the latter of which we had run out of due to the other sick person living in the house.

I ended up recovering during the day, only to get all run down again at night and having the worst night’s sleep – I could barely breathe without my throat killing me.

I spent the whole day in bed craving chicken noodle soup, but my mum isn’t here to take care of me. I had to keep getting up out of bed to get more tea, food, etc. etc.

I might make chicken noodle soup tomorrow, but my taste buds are ruined so I probably won’t be able to taste it’s goodness.

Ahhh the perils of moving out =(

In other news, I’m doing a first aid course on Saturday, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Short post, but I’m sick. I’m sure you understand.


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