Exam Time.

Good evenmorning,

So it’s coming up to the end of the first semester of university which means.. exams.

When I was in high school, I was told that this time period was going to feel like the HSC all over again, except with more work, more stress, and less time.

But it’s not so bad.

All I have to do is pass. If I do better, I do better – which would be fantastic, but at the end of the day, to get that piece of paper at the end of three years that says I have completed a Bachelor degree all I need to do is pass.

Of course I would like to have a high GPA which would increase my chances of getting a job and open up more opportunities, but I will survive if I only pass. Unlike in the HSC when getting the best ATAR possible feels like a life or death situation.

It’s currently 1.54am, and I’m not planning on sleeping until I get through two more lectures worth of work. However my eyes are starting to get that tired crusty feeling and I’m wondering how much longer I can go on for..
But this is normal right? Most uni students stay up at all hours studying for exams.

I think I just contradicted myself.. I am putting effort into studying even though I don’t care too much.

Okay, I care. I hate sitting in an exam and having absolutely no idea/clue of what the answer is. That to me is up there with the worst feelings in the world. I want a good mark, and I want to do well, but I won’t be extremely disappointed if I don’t do too well. As long as I pass. But a D would be lovely.


This post doesn’t really have an aim or point, I’m just writing as a study break..


I did my first final exam on Tuesday. It was quite easy – that saying, the subject itself wasn’t very difficult anyway. If you read all the content, you would at least get a credit. It was easy. Most people left half an hour into the exam.
I was going to sit through the entire thing, but then I ended up leaving after forty five minutes. I have willpower, but not that much willpower..


Anyway. This was just a post for the sake of a post. Not interesting.

Have a good night.


4 thoughts on “Exam Time.

  1. Good luck for your uni exams, Bec! Try not to push yourself too hard and get enough sleep. What do you study again?

      • X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and other medical imaging things. At the moment it’s just the basics though, anatomy, human bioscience, etc. etc.
        It’s not that hard, there’s just so much work! D=
        what are you up these days? =)

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