The Holidays


This post is more about me rather than my first year university experiences, but I thought I’d write a post because it might just become relevant to any future semester two university drama.

I have a boyfriend!

However, my boyfriend also happens to be my housemate! D= Next semester could get interesting…

So over the holidays I thought I would do many a productive activity in preparation for the upcoming semester. Such productive activities included exercising, relearning how to play the violin and guitar, reading, catching up with my Sydney friends.
As you can imagine most of these activities did not come to pass. I did exercise, but only sporadically.. I did pick up the guitar, but not the violin. And I didn’t play it as much as I would’ve liked. I didn’t read anything. But I did catch up with all of my friends!

So I did one thing!

So the boyfriend story in a nutshell!

About 1/4 way through the holidays, my housemate (and at the time reallyreallyreally good friend – we talk for extended periods of time daily) flew into Sydney after visiting his family in Darwin. He was like, we should catch up! And of course I agreed.

So we’re hanging out around Sydney, get back to my house, and because it’s quite late he crashes at my place for the night and plans to go back to Newcastle the next day. So we’re chatting into the night and conversations turn a little intimate/personal (I guess?) and he kisses me.

For the week and a half or so we spoke everyday and visited each other in Newcastle and Sydney etc. etc. until about a week ago when we changed relationship statuses on facebook and I ended up having a boyfriend!

And that is the story in a nutshell.


I am not too sure how this is going to play out seeing as we live in the same house and all D= But if there is anything of interest about having an immediate live-in boyfriend I might just post it up along with all the other first-year university shenanigans!


Another thing! I got my first semester results! Not too shabby I must say. I didn’t fail anything and I’ll be moving on to next semester! Yay me!



2 thoughts on “The Holidays

  1. That must be very exciting for you. Just a little advice with live-in boyfriends (especially because you guys are starting out as a de facto couple right from the start): be careful with boundaries, wary of space. Wish you two the best of luck!!

    • thanks!!
      =) yeah that was and still is my main concern, but I think we’ll be fine. Both of us are planning to move out as soon as the lease is up at the end of the year =]

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