I am procrastinating

I should be studying for anatomy. But a thought drifted into my mind about the nothing-state of this blog. So I’m writing!

I’ve moved out since last year, different house now, completely different atmosphere. It’s not very family-like, it’s more like living in an apartment block with the same kitchen and bathroom. But it’s okay.

Second year is definitely tougher than first year, but much more interesting, I’m loving it, and thank goodness I’m passing!

Mitch and I broke up, still friends though. We just had different views on things and it started to irk me so I thought it better to break up sooner than later, right?

I’ve been cooking different things. Got a new stick blender from Myers (Thank you EOFYS). There is this wonderful soup recipe you should try! Simple and easy, but oh so tasty! I’ve never had a cheese soup before, but this is fantastic!


Oh and the bread! Make the bread!

I should get back to my anatomy now.. yay for perineums! Not really.. it’s the nastiest part.





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