So in my spare time, when it’s actually spare time and I legitimately don’t have anything else to do and I am as bored as I can get; I like to write stuff. I’m writing a short story at the moment, it’s called The Annual Pen Pal Project. Or as I like to affectionately refer […]


So lately I have noticed a rise in the amount we think about stuff, and how much is too much. There’s that program on TV at the moment talking about hoarders, and then there are all these blogs and articles on minimalism. Making these extreme changes to your lifestyle, is it really healthy? We all […]

Feature Film VS. Backstage

What I want to be vs. What I am are two different things. The person I want to be changes everytime I am inspired by a new Frankie article, novel, or manga that I’ve read. After reading Frankie, I want to be a super hipster, ahead of the fashion scene, individual, radical columnist. After reading […]

HSC Examinations

Hello. I’m in the middle of my HSC exams at the moment. I’ve just had two English tests, a maths test, and a biology test. I’ve got three more tests to go. I hate it. This is so stupid! The Board of Studies ask stupid questions and makes it complicated and difficult! I hate maths. […]