Day to Day, sorry no, Clubbing.


I haven’t written a post lately because nothing extremely exciting has happened.

It’s just been day to day university life – so I chose to write about that.

So in the past three weeks I have gone out clubbing once, gotten drunk never, and just done normal things like shopping, eating fatty food, studying, and procrastinating.

I’ll tell you about my first clubbing experience.

At the start of the night (around 9pm) we (my housemates) started getting ready. Picking clothes was easy (for once in my life) but shoes took me a while to decide upon. Then I was wondering what to do with my ID and money and phone and things like that – because taking a bag to a club isn’t the best idea, apparently you’ll probably lose it. So I put my ID in my shoes and my cash and phone in my bra. Like a hooker. But no one had to know.

Tom, Lizzy, Bonnie and myself – (Mitch hates buses so his friend came to pick him up and meet us later on)

^I realise I never really introduced my housemate. Those are their names. I think I made up a post using pseudo names but I’ve given up. You don’t know their last names, she’ll be right.

– caught the bus into town and headed over to Finnegan’s. I won’t lie, I was pretty excited. It was like in the movies – well not quite but close enough. The city of Newcastle is pretty empty at night. It was about 11pm and the only people around were the young people and they were all heading to the one place – Finnegan’s. It was like a movie scene! Lots of youths – many slightly slut-ily dressed – walking with purpose towards the club.

I’ve never been asked for ID before, somewhere my subconscious knew I was going to be asked but it didn’t communicate with my brain very well so when I was asked by the big burly security man for my ID there was a bit of fumbling around (because it was in my shoes) before he got to verify my age. And then I got checked again because these days they scan your ID and take a photo of you so they know exactly who you are if you cause a nuisance in the club. And finally I got stamped and was allowed to enter.

In the club, it was okay. There were people, lots of strobe lights and coloured lights, and loud music etc. etc. Exactly what you would expect.

All you do in a club is drink and dance. Which is fun. But eventually I got a little bored. But then I realised that this was the place that I had wanted to visit for months so I tried to enjoy myself a little by dancing like an idiot and observing all the other people.

I got hit on – apparently. The guy was just trying to dance with me. Because I am a derp, I didn’t know what to do so I just continued bopping along with the music. The guy kept trying to make eye contact, but me being the awkward person that I am could not hold the eye contact so I inevitably ran away to the toilet without even saying goodbye. Facepalm. That was so rude!

As the night continued I continued dancing like a derp with my housemates until Bonnie got tired and we decided to head home.

Caught the bus home with Lizzy, Bonnie and Tom, while Mitch stayed out with his friends before coming home about 20mins after we got home.

Another thing about going clubbing, you come home smelling like you haven’t showered in days. Remember to religiously apply deodorant before you go – or keep a small supply on you for the night.

Or do that thing that we all do but don’t talk about. Go to the bathroom and put some water and soap on a napkin and wash your armpits.

I ate some mi goreng and had a hot chocolate at about 2am, then we tried to watch a movie but failed because we all started falling asleep. Went to bed sometime between 3 and 4am.

Clubbing is okay. But I think it would be more fun with friends that you are really close with and act like the stupidest, derpiest idiot in the world with.

Maybe it was because I wasn’t tipsy or drunk. I only had one drink – it was bloody expensive. Cost me $10 for a can of Canadian Club.


This post has turned into something about my first clubbing experience rather than day to day uni life. I’ll write another one later. Bye now!


Hashtag Unilyf


(This post is pretty much just a rant about not wanting to study)

My housemate described his experience of partying and getting drunk at night, then waking up with a killer hangover at 8am and having to drag himself to a tutorial, as exactly what university life is. Just like in the movies.

And I think he’s right. Of course the period of life during which many a young adult experience the perils of having to study at university all the while wanting to maintain an existence as a social human being involves much more than getting drunk at night and studying the next morning.

It also involves procrastination.

It’s Saturday. I’m going out tonight, but I promised myself that I would study first. So all day I have been trying to study bioscience really hard, so that I feel justified in going out tonight.

But I caaannnnn’ttttttt…. I can’t do this anymore! I actually can’t do this part of the subject! It’s really hard! Okay, well maybe it isn’t that hard, but my mind is just refusing to process the detailed steps involved in protein synthesis. I just don’t want to do it anymore. I’m going to go and do my laundry instead.

To top off the list of reasons why I can’t study, it was my birthday last weekend and I have recieved many boxes of chocolate.

Thanks guys, I’m going to have to start *shudder* exercising. Otherwise I’m going to gain weight and be borderline fat. My BMI is already on the border of overweight and healthy, and I don’t want to tip over the edge.

Not that I think I’m fat, I don’t have broken mirror syndrome or anything, I just think that it would be nice if my stomach and legs were a little bit slimmer than they are. It’s easily fixed, I just need to do a bit of cardio regularly, but that’s what I’m finding difficult to do. I’ll get there eventually.

I’ve gone off topic.

So uni life is about studying really hard to get your degree, ‘finding yourself’ – or in my case, knowing exactly who you are and just following the steps to get a career so you aren’t a box-dwelling dole bludger for the rest of your life, having fun, making friends etc. etc.

Be young and free, young grasshopper!

And try to develop a method of stopping yourself from procrastinating.

We had a KiKi


Last night I got really drunk with my friends from university and we ate chocolate, cake and cookies.

We had a kiki.

It was really fun, but it was also my first experience with drinking alcohol, and after a while, I decided that I do not enjoy the drunk feeling. I felt so out of it.

Being drunk is like having a big cloud surround your brain. You feel like you know exactly what is going on, but something is stopping your brain from contacting your mouth and your limbs and so you can’t make good decisions and you can’t keep yourself in check.

I remember thinking to myself “You are such an idiot. Are you actually saying this? Why can’t you construct proper sentences? Why did you just say hemon instead of honey and lemon!?” I felt pretty awful. After a while I felt really pukey, and then I couldn’t hold it in and I threw up. And then I threw up a couple more times. I guess my liver couldn’t handle the sudden onslaught of alcohol.

So my advice to you is, drink, then stop and don’t do anything stupid until you start to sober up a little bit, then start having a good time. When you are tipsy, you are still in control, but you are loose enough to be a little bit (well a lot) more confident than usual. Stop after a few drinks. That is enough.

Being drunk is not fun, I really didn’t enjoy the woozy, crazy feelings.

The kiki was so fun! I had 7 friends over, my housemates didn’t really mind because most of them were going out to the toga party that was happening at university that night. One guy stayed home to study, but I think he was amused out our drunken antics.

The girls looked for my other housemates weed stash before deciding it was a bad idea, picked the neighbour’s lemons then felt bad so put them back in the tree, played with the wheelchair, accidentally walked in on the studying housemate’s shower, screamed a lot, danced, tried to watch a movie but we couldn’t get the DVD player working, stumbled everywhere…

T’was a good night. However the morning after was awful. I felt really awful.

Don’t get drunk kids. It’s not good for you.

Exam over = time to party! Oh no, I’m underage…



Well this sucks.

The university is holding a Toga Party this week at the bar. Got pretty excited to go, only to find out that it’s 18+. So that just rained on the parades of a few of my friends and I. I turn 18 four days after the Toga Party. Devastating.

So if you are like me, and you are 17, university can suck. The social side anyway.

Having limits on you about where you can go really can strain your social life, but try not to let it pull you down. My other underage friends and I decided to have our own little party instead. I don’t know what we are going to do, but we are definitely not going to do nothing. My age will not ruin my fun! (I like to tell myself that.)

We were thinking of sneaking into the event. We explored all avenues; fakies, different entrances, pulling favours… But there isn’t anyway that we can get in. Bummer.

Security is pretty tight at university parties. I was told that there are 8 security guards at each door and they literally ID and check every single person.
I wish they’d lighten up a bit, but then the party wouldn’t necessarily be safe if some kind of ‘riff-raff’ or high school students find their way into the event so I guess it’s justified.


it’s disappointing..

I want to go dancing and have fun with everyone! It’s not that I want to drink and get tipsy and drunk, I just want to be able to go out and have a good time messing around with all of my friends.

So for me, this really sucks.


Well that was my little vent.

Have a good day! Smile =)

Mid Semester Break


So I’ve heard this bit of university life is for studying. Because following this wonderful week of nothing follows a whole lot of exams and assessments that need completing. gah.

The break started on Good Friday, and being the nerdy student that I am, I skipped a Thursday lecture and headed straight back to Sydney as to extend my studying period. ha!

I have barely been studying. I mean, I have, I have a number of things to review and study and learn before next week comes around and university starts again. But I have spent quite a bit of time doing other things. I’ve already gone shopping twice, discovered a fear of mannequins, cleaned my bedroom floor, met up with people I haven’t seen in years, gone to a wedding, had coffee with a friend, spent ages on terrible Sydney public transport, done some housework…. I’ve done a lot besides study. I’ve watched a movie every night.

That’s a new habit I picked up after moving out of home, watching movies. It’s a frequent thing back at my sharehouse.

Back on track.

Mid-semester recess is about having a week to catch up work and prepare for the onslaught of exhaustion that is about to rain down on us poor (emotionally and financially) uni students.
I have not been utilising my time super effectively – in terms of academics.

So I encourage you, fellow university student, or person who finds this writing interesting, KEEP UP WITH YOUR WORK. UTILISE YOUR TIME. PLEASE.

The stress is passive-agressive. (Like Derek Shepherd once said, ‘There is a town called Passive-Agressiva, and you are their queen.’) I am the princess of passive-agressive stress. I would say I am the queen, but I don’t think that highly of myself, haha.

I like to bottle in my stress and say that everything is going to be fine, I’ll just get it done.. eventually. And the stress builds up in my head until I relieve the stress by finishing the work, or by blowing my top.

Learn from my mistakes young grasshopper! Don’t put yourself in my situation, use your time effectively!

Nobody tells you anything in university! I didn’t realise I had exams next week until someone happened to mention it to me! You have to look at your course outline and discover everything yourself! It’s not like high school, the lecturers won’t tell you anything until you’ve failed! (Excuse me while I sob)
I haven’t failed anything, but I’ve realised that the lecturers only start chasing you up once something is overdue. =\

Keep up, young grasshopper!

university academia struggles

So it’s been three weeks since I started university now, I forgot to blog last weekend because I was busy.. sleeping. And complexly writing a simple essay. I complicated things for myself.

In the second week of uni I received my first set of assessments. I had an upcoming online exam (which I did on Thursday – 90% =D – though I think many other people would have gotten 100% so that sort of rains on my parade) an essay, and I have group work that I should be doing right now.

So in week 2 I learnt that it is easy to blow things like essays and online exams wayyyy out of proportion. I got a little bit panicky; my thoughts were something along the lines of “university essays must be of a higher standard than high school essays! What if my essays are too juvenile!? Nooooooooooo!!!”
Anyway, so I looked over the assessment outline and the marking guidelines and all that jazz and it sort of calmed me down a bit. I can’t tell you just yet if a good essay by high school standards is good enough by first year university standards, but I’ll let you know.

Another thing, online exams are nothing! The word ‘exam’ freaks me out. I’m okay with ‘quiz’ or ‘test’ but exams are scary and harshly marked in my previous experiences. But this was easy – it was nothing!
Don’t panic too much about online exams, I mean, study! Because you do need to know everything in some sort of detail, preferably high detail – because sometimes you get tedious questions, but don’t go nuts because of the word ‘exam’.

Now I’m working on my part of a group assessment. I don’t have much advice to give yet, but so far, I do know that you have to do your part. If you don’t do your part, or if you do it badly and slack off a bit, your group has the power to get you a zero. All it takes is “s/he didn’t do the work.” And you fail.
DO YOUR WORK. That’s my advice for today.

Week 1 is done.


After going through the my first ever week as a university student, I can confidently say that one of the hardest things to do in the first week is make friends.

The first week, (well for my degree anyway) there are no tutorials or anything like that, which apparently is where you make your friends at university. So there are some people who go through an entire week at university, ALONE. That sucks majorly.

So, my advice is to sit with all the loners. Make friends with people who haven’t made any friends yet and you’ll end up with a nice group of different types of people.
I noticed that most people were a bit awkward about sitting next to people in lectures. They would sit one seat away and not make any contact, and just be lonely.

The key is to sit next to people and say hi. Insta-friend right there. And even if they aren’t the type of person you would usually have as a friend, they might surprise you. Also it’s only the first week of university and you’ll meet lots of people. Don’t think that the first people you meet will be your friends and that is it for the rest of eternity.

I had a bit of advantage when I arrived at the very first lecture. I met a few people and stuck with them on my faculty day at O-Week. So when I walked up to the building that my class was at, I had someone to look for. And luckily for me, I spotted someone I knew. BAM person to sit next to in lecture.

If you don’t meet anyone at your O-Day, no worries! Just be brave and walk up to another person who looks slightly nervous and say hi. That is literally all it takes. The other person might be really thankful that someone spoke to them. BOOM insta-friend.

Another way to meet people, if they look completely lost and like they are looking for the same room as you, ask them if they are in the same class. New friend right there.

So that’s the social side..

Academically, university is hard. From the first lecture you have work to do and you are already behind. Work constantly. Your first night home from uni, even if you have already done the same subject at high school, review and study anyway. Chances are that there is a little detail that high school didn’t go over that university does. Know everything.
Especially if you are enrolled in a class that has laboratories. KNOW EVERYTHING.


Obviously that is impossible. Just try to review everything at least once so that you have some recall of it in time for your laboratory.


Housing – wise!!! I can’t really give any advice on this since I am completely awkward with all my housemates and am terrible at starting up conversations.

My housemates have lived together already for a month or so, I think. So they already are friends, and I just find it really awkward trying to break into that circle.
So instead, I leave my bedroom door open whenever I’m in there, unless I’m changing or something. That way, I (hopefully) seem like an open person who doesn’t mind if you waltz in and chat to me.

Spend time in the kitchen. Everyone hangs out in the kitchen. The kitchen is the social place to be in your sharehouse. Eventually, (I hoooooppppeeee) you’ll crack into that group. You’ll want to be friends with your housemates. Especially if you’re like me and signed a lease.


(I should be studying right now….)