First Semester is Over!

Hallo! I have successfully survived the first semester of first year university! It was challenging, fun, eye-opening, and a bit of a throw-into-the-deep-end, but it was so so good and I’m looking forward to next semester. So a few things that went on that I didn’t mention along the way. I made a solid group […]

We had a KiKi

Hi! Last night I got really drunk with my friends from university and we ate chocolate, cake and cookies. We had a kiki. It was really fun, but it was also my first experience with drinking alcohol, and after a while, I decided that I do not enjoy the drunk feeling. I felt so out […]

one week out.

In one week exactly, I’m moving out! So I have to prep, pack, get my timetable, organise my stuff, you know.. sort things out.   Right now, I’m starting to pack up all the stuff I think I’m going to need for university. I’ve been productive, but not amazingly productive. So far, I’ve only packed […]


I’m moving out of home to go to university! This isn’t that normal in Australia. Most people stay at home and go to a university near them. (Well this is the go in Sydney anyway.) So me, being the nervous, awkward teenager that I am, googled what it would be like to move out of […]