Long time no blog post.

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  It’s 7 weeks into Semester2 now, and I’m loving it! Semester1 was all about the science basics of human anatomy and physiology, basic health care, and an outline of medical radiation science. But this semester we got into the nitty gritty of all that is diagnostic radiography!!! […]

The Holidays

Hey! This post is more about me rather than my first year university experiences, but I thought I’d write a post because it might just become relevant to any future semester two university drama. I have a boyfriend! However, my boyfriend also happens to be my housemate! D= Next semester could get interesting… So over […]

First Semester is Over!

Hallo! I have successfully survived the first semester of first year university! It was challenging, fun, eye-opening, and a bit of a throw-into-the-deep-end, but it was so so good and I’m looking forward to next semester. So a few things that went on that I didn’t mention along the way. I made a solid group […]

The Student Kitchen.

I thought I’d write a post on cooking and eating as a poor, centrelink dependant student. Basically, grocery-wise I try to limit myself to about $40 a week. I usually take advantage of those little yellow tags that have my favourite word on them, ‘reduced’. That usually brings my weekly grocery spend down, meaning the […]

Hashtag Unilyf

Hello! (This post is pretty much just a rant about not wanting to study) My housemate described his experience of partying and getting drunk at night, then waking up with a killer hangover at 8am and having to drag himself to a tutorial, as exactly what university life is. Just like in the movies. And […]

university academia struggles

So it’s been three weeks since I started university now, I forgot to blog last weekend because I was busy.. sleeping. And complexly writing a simple essay. I complicated things for myself. In the second week of uni I received my first set of assessments. I had an upcoming online exam (which I did on Thursday – […]