First Semester is Over!

Hallo! I have successfully survived the first semester of first year university! It was challenging, fun, eye-opening, and a bit of a throw-into-the-deep-end, but it was so so good and I’m looking forward to next semester. So a few things that went on that I didn’t mention along the way. I made a solid group […]

The Student Kitchen.

I thought I’d write a post on cooking and eating as a poor, centrelink dependant student. Basically, grocery-wise I try to limit myself to about $40 a week. I usually take advantage of those little yellow tags that have my favourite word on them, ‘reduced’. That usually brings my weekly grocery spend down, meaning the […]

Day to Day, sorry no, Clubbing.

Salutations, I haven’t written a post lately because nothing extremely exciting has happened. It’s just been day to day university life – so I chose to write about that. So in the past three weeks I have gone out clubbing once, gotten drunk never, and just done normal things like shopping, eating fatty food, studying, […]

Hashtag Unilyf

Hello! (This post is pretty much just a rant about not wanting to study) My housemate described his experience of partying and getting drunk at night, then waking up with a killer hangover at 8am and having to drag himself to a tutorial, as exactly what university life is. Just like in the movies. And […]

We had a KiKi

Hi! Last night I got really drunk with my friends from university and we ate chocolate, cake and cookies. We had a kiki. It was really fun, but it was also my first experience with drinking alcohol, and after a while, I decided that I do not enjoy the drunk feeling. I felt so out […]

Week 1 is done.

HI! After going through the my first ever week as a university student, I can confidently say that one of the hardest things to do in the first week is make friends. The first week, (well for my degree anyway) there are no tutorials or anything like that, which apparently is where you make your […]